Pain Management Through Online Physiotherapy

Pain Management Through Online Physiotherapy

Pain Management Through Online PhysiotherapyPain Management Through Online PhysiotherapyPain Management Through Online Physiotherapy

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic & subsequent shut down we have decided to go for online consultations for this period.

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Welcome To Dr Roopa's Physiotherapy Clinic

Our clinic provides treatment using comprehensive evidence based protocols. Our aim is to alleviate pain and improve function to normal or near normal status. Programs are designed on casuistry basis. Following are the services we provide:


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

This field involves managing orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, post fracture management, scoliosis, spinal pain, tendinitis and ligament sprains. Treatment modalities like dry needling, kinesiotaping , kinetic control along with other modalities are used as per need.


Neurological Rehabilitation

We treat conditions like stroke, Bells Palsy, Parkinson's, PSP, Guellian Barry Syndrome among the few. Many different approaches like motor relearning program, Roods approach, Brunnstorms approach and basic biomechanical principles are used for rehabilitation.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehab includes acute stage management followed by rehabilitation upto return to sports phase.

Sports rehabilitation includes managing a sports person with injury from Acute phase to return to sports phase. It includes kinesiotaping, dry needling, core strengthening, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and stretching and strengthening programs. Aquatic therapy also forms a intergral part of treatment.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation


Cancer Rehabilitation involves Lymphoedema Management, Pain management and exercises post tumour excision. 

Women's Health

Sports Rehabilitation

Women's Health


Antenatal and postnatal exercises are given along with preconception exercises. A combination of yoga and physical therapy forms a part of these protocols.


Registrations Open for Aquatic Therapy@ Vasant Vihar Club

Aquatic exercise can be used effectively to sustain or increase aerobic conditioning in all populations. Veterans and sports population particularly benefit from exercises done in water. The buoyancy of water acts as an assistance as well as resistance and can be used for strengthening muscles.  


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